SAUNA SCENT Birch-Currant

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Saunatuoksu Koivu-Herukka

Saunatuoksu Koivu-Herukka

  • Saunatuoksu Koivu-Herukka
  • Saunascent from Finland
  • Saunatuoksu aidoista koivun ja herukan lehdistä
  • Sauna scent Currant-Birch leaves

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Get the feeling of pure arctic summer or enjoy relaxing and cleansing bath!

Finnish wild birch and black currant leaves in an infusable bag.

Birch-blackcurrant bath cleanses the skin softly and relaxes tired muscles. You can use the herbal bag for foot or full body bath. In the sauna, you can enjoy the scent of pure birch and currant. Place the birch bag in hot water and let it soak for about ten minutes.

An exotic and easy gift to give or send to your friend.

The product belongs to the following bundles:

Biodegradable bag with the instructions.
After bathing, you can hang the bag to dry and use the same bag 2-3 times.
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