Natural soaps and shampoo bars

Pure luxury for your skin and hair

The soaps are handmade in the old world tradition with natural vegetable oils, that leaves your skin feeling smooth and ultra moisturized. Our carefully crafted recipes do not dry out the skin and scalp, but rather gently cleanse while caring them. The herbs used in our soaps have grown wild and naturally in the vast, Finnish wilderness. We use only pure and natural essential oils to give our products their rich scents.  We like to say that natural soaps are pure luxury!

A piece of pure nature of the North

Tundra Natural soaps praise the Northern nature, wild and free as well as clean and genuine. Shapes of soaps are equally groats as fells, rocks and ice - nature's own works of art in the arctic region. Scents of soaps remind us of tastiest summer berries, green trees and plants that will remain in our memories even in the midst of cold winter days. All of our ingredients have been chosen with the highest regard for nature. In this way, we will preserve our nature for the next generation.

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